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Selecting the right ring size is more than just a matter of fit—it’s about ensuring your jewelry reflects both comfort and personal style. Follow these simple steps to accurately measure your ring size, ensuring each piece is tailored perfectly to you.

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Ensuring your ring fits perfectly is essential for comfort and style. Follow these straightforward steps to determine your correct ring size:

1. Diameter Measurement: Measure the inner diameter of a well-fitting ring using a ruler in millimeters. This measurement serves as a precise reference for your ring size.

2. Circumference Measurement: Wrap a measuring tape around your finger at the widest point where the ring will sit. Note the measurement in millimeters and compare it with a ring size chart to find your ideal fit.

3. Consider Finger Swelling: Measure your finger on a warm day or in a warmer environment, as fingers tend to swell in cold weather. This ensures a more accurate size measurement.

4. Let Us Help: Share your measurements with us, and we’ll assist you in determining the perfect ring size.

Please note, our handmade rings often feature unique, irregular designs, so sizes are approximate. Embrace the variability—sometimes a ring fits differently depending on the season or day, adding to its charm.


What is the best method to measure my ring size at home?
To measure your ring size accurately at home, you can use either the diameter or circumference method. For the diameter method, measure the inner diameter of a well-fitting ring in millimeters. For the circumference method, wrap a measuring tape around your finger at the widest point and note the measurement in millimeters.

How can I ensure my ring size measurement is accurate?
Ensure accuracy by measuring your finger on a warm day or in a warmer environment when your fingers are less likely to swell. Also, double-check your measurements against a ring size chart to find your ideal fit.

What if I’m between two sizes?
If you find yourself between two sizes, we recommend opting for the larger size for comfort, especially if your fingers tend to swell.

Are your ring sizes standard across all designs?
While we strive for consistency, please note that our handmade rings often feature unique, irregular designs. Sizes may vary slightly, adding to the individuality and charm of each piece.

Do you offer resizing services if my ring doesn’t fit?
Yes, we offer resizing services to ensure your ring fits perfectly. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

Can I use an online ring sizer tool to measure my ring size?
Online ring sizer tools can be helpful but may not always provide the most accurate measurement. We recommend using our recommended methods or consulting with us directly for the best results.

What should I do if I receive a ring that doesn’t fit as expected?
If your ring doesn’t fit as expected, please reach out to us immediately. We will work with you to resolve the issue and ensure you receive the correct size.

How do I care for my rings to maintain their size and condition?
Proper care, such as storing your rings in a cool, dry place and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals, can help maintain their size and condition over time.

What if I have more questions about ring sizing or need personalized advice?
Feel free to contact our customer service team for any additional questions or personalized guidance regarding your ring sizing or any other jewelry concerns. 


At Angela Lago Sea Jewelry, we understand the importance of a well-fitting ring. Whether you measure using the inner diameter or circumference method, our team is here to guide you toward the perfect size. Embrace the uniqueness of our handmade designs, where slight variations add character to each piece. For any questions or assistance, reach out to us—your satisfaction with our craftsmanship is our commitment.

For any queries or personalized guidance regarding your jewelry, feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction with our products is our top priority.

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