Author’s nautical jewelry

Wearable art with a unique personality that Angela’s Sea Soul imprint on each piece.

Angela Lago breathes life into contemporary and timeless jewelry, where organicity, life, and transformation replace traditional polish.

Every ‘imperfect’ detail becomes a distinctive feature, a unique footprint in each piece’s journey.

Authencity & Freedom

True luxury of life

“In my creations, I seek a connection with essence and creative freedom, allowing each piece to have its own voice. Each meticulously handcrafted piece is unique, born with its own soul _ even replicated pieces in numbered series bear subtly distinct details.” _ Angela Lago

Artisan nautical jewelry

A life statement for sea lovers out of the crowd

“My creations are part of a soul exploration journey through the sea side of life” _ Angela Lago

About Angela

Angela's story is one woven with the rhythms of the sea and the artistry of jewelry. Born in Vigo, along the Spanish Atlantic coast, on July 16th, the day of the Virgin patron saint of the sea, Angela's life is intricately connected to the waves that embrace her birthplace.

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